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ARROW Home Group Co., Ltd
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ARROW Home Group Co., Ltd, formerly known as Lehua Household Co., Ltd, was founded in 1994, with its head office basing in Foshan, Guangdong Province. ARROW Home Group, with the “provision of solutions to demands for global smart home and improvement of people’s smart home living quality” as its core value, is dedicated to the provision of smart home products and services for families around the world, and is now forging ahead towards the vision “to become a smart home group that takes the lead in the world”. Under it, there are three brands like ARROW, FAENZA and ANNWA; now it boasts ten production and manufacturing bases distributed in China covering a land area of more than 6000mu; and owns nearly 10000 brand franchise stores in China’s markets, so it is one of the advanced and large enterprises in China that manufacture and sell high-end ceramic bathrooms, ceramic tiles and whole house customized furniture as well as an integrated smart home group with the greatest financial strength and influence in China. Currently, ARROW Home Group’s products have been widely used in domestic and overseas benchmark hotels and residential buildings, and has become partners to Top 100 real estate entities, including Country Garden, China Evergrande, SUNAC, China Overseas Company, China Resources Land and Gemdale Corporation.

ARROW Home Group innovates people’s living space with diverse intelligence, focuses on scientific and technological innovation and dedicated technical research and development from human intelligence, design intelligence, manufacturing intelligence to intelligent science and technology, and with bathrooms, ceramic tiles, furnished homes and other diverse home products, it provides consumers with innovative products and services beyond traditions so that more families will be able to experience unlimited future of smart life.

In 2019, ARROW was formally awarded as the “Designated Ceramic Sanitary Supplier for China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai UAE”. It was chosen once again by China Pavilion following 2015 Milan Expo, where ARROW was chosen as the bathroom and ceramic tile brands designated by China Pavilion of the Expo. ARROW Home Group is dedicated to building itself into an integrated home group of international competence and influence with its innovative power determined to shoulder the responsibility of products made in China by intelligence demonstrating to the world the power of products made in China by intelligence and assisting people in realizing their better life.


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ARROW toilet is the perfect choice for bathroom space, crafted from durable china with glazed surface. -- Mr.MiFei

ARROW faucet has high quality and good price. I get well service. -- Mr.Danubi